At a time when New Zealand music struggled for airplay, stellar* burst on the scene with five radio hits in 18 months - Violent, What You Do, Undone, Every Girl, and Part of Me - their blend of rock and electronica on 1999's Mix album capturing the imagination of young musicians and concert-goers alike.

stellar* formed an enduring partnership with producer Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins hitmaker) collaborating on all three albums. The band’s sound reached international audiences with shows in Australia, Germany and the UK, and tours alongside Garbage and Alanis Morissette.

Their reputation as innovative hit makers was embedded with All It Takes, Taken and Star off 2001's Magic Line album, and For A While and Whiplash off 2006's Something Like Strangers.

The group became Sony NZ's highest selling Kiwi band. In October 2010, stellar* released an 18-track Best Of album featuring new single So Alive which coincided with a greatest hits tour - before breaking for their own individual musical projects.

The summer of 2017/18 marks their return - with the original Mix album lineup (Boh Runga, Andrew Maclaren, Kurt Shanks and Chris van de Geer) rockin’ the stellar* sound once more.